Quake 3 Arena and Quake live Nightmare.

United Arab Emirates
May 7, 2010 4:15pm CST
I realy want to increase the size of the Quake community here, so I'll start by expanding the forum. Post your achievemnets in quake here. such as: I have beaten Xaero 7-10 on nightmare, and I have completed the entire quake 3 arena on nightmare. On quake live I can do level 3 of the strafe jumping pads. whatever else you think will contribute, post!
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@coldnpale (555)
• Greece
21 Jun 11
so..after a year i will be the first to answer. This sucks. Quake is one of the most entertaining games out there. Actually I was able to complete Quake 3 Arena on nightmare 8 years ago. Now I am playing quake live very often. I have 100l+ total frags. You can check my profile in ql. the name is 3headedmonkey