What are your other reasons...

May 8, 2010 1:13am CST
...for joining myLot, given the assumption that you joined in order to gain extra money? For the past few years, I have struggled with my unwillingness to share my thoughts with other, which worsened to a certain level of inability, I think. I also find it difficult to formulate answers in my head, even to questions that normally yield easy replies. There must have been a point in my past when I decided not to think more, or deeper, which inevitable shaped my mental capabilities. Usually, my mind goes blank whenever I'm asked. I feel silly just trying to imagineow my mind has dulled. I want to be coherent again in my thoughts and words. To regain the confidence I regrettably lost, to articulate myself better. To actively engage with people through discourse (again). How about you?
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@RamJey (89)
• Singapore
8 May 10
Actually i started off because of my interest in writing. Making money through writing wasn't my main motivation. It was the opportunity presented to broadcast to the world your opinion and ideas on various issues that was a pull factor. Over time, i have been able to take advantage of this opportunity. I was not in mylot for almost a year. Now i'm back after getting some of my life's important events in order. Re-starting my sojourn into mylot now .....
• Philippines
8 May 10
Welcome back! Good to know that I share the same intentions with most people here. :)
• India
8 May 10
I also had joinef my lot to earn some extra money.. i did not knew that this site was so intersting. Easy to make new friends.. share new things and get its reply..so this site has made me to gain knowledge and build my skill more..
• Philippines
8 May 10
Very interesting, indeed. I like that there is more to gain here than just money. Something priceless. And the skills, yes! Like I said, I joined to hone my communication and thinking skills, too.
@Hatley (163781)
• Garden Grove, California
9 May 10
hi elsewhere you just did articulate better here in your discussion so do not be so hard on yourself.I am here to e arn enough money to just pay my internet bill,but what is most important to me is enjoy all my friends on mylot, to share and care and at times help them if I can and thats been a lot more good than just earning some money. Over the two years I have been here I have found myself more able to share my own feelings and thoughts and even tell a few things that happened to me. I gained a lot of self confidence in responding to so many of my friends.
@monkeylong (3139)
• Guangzhou, China
8 May 10
As far as I am concerned, I think the first time that I joined the mylot site just for making money here. But with the time goes by, I find that I have fallen in love with mylot so much, In my daily life, I think I can not be short of mylot. I love English so much. Withthe help of mylot, I can enjoy a lot my English skills so much. Thank you so much I am here.
• Philippines
8 May 10
i can relate.. the trick here is dont think about how long you are working or sharing.. just think about the payout.. its enough to encourage you.. happy mylotting.. :)