Which Graphics Card do You Prefer - ATI or NVIDIA GeForce?

May 8, 2010 10:20am CST
There is an ongoing battle in the industry of Graphical Processing Unit (GPU). The top 2 among them are 'ATI Technologies Incorporated' and 'Nvidia GeForce'. Both are really great gadgets to work with. But there are already enough conspiracies regarding the features in both of these stuffs including brand name, model, performance issues, benchmarks and more. So its really a serious discussion for those who really want to go for high-end gaming. I prefer ATI, honestly. I have been using ATI for the last 3 years and it has never disappointed me so far. And I recommend it to you all. No blaming of other products. Just a suggestion. And by the way, which one do you prefer? What made you chose your gaming graphics product?
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@kooltiger (848)
• Pakistan
9 May 10
i prefer nvidia.. because i dont find any problem in searching or using its software.. ati does not give suitable drivers.. i always find difficulties in finding the software for ati cards.. but nvidia.. i love it.. it has better outlook.. and most importantly i can find its software easily.. and it does workk..
• Estonia
9 May 10
I have been using both for quite a long time now. My secondary PC has always had a Nvidia one in it, but my new gaming PC has had both an ATi and a Nvidia one in it. Currently it has an ATi 4870x2 and I don't feel the need to upgrade to anything new as I can play completely everything (even Crysis and GTA4 on all max). Maybe switching to a Nvidia in a year or two, only if needed.
• India
8 May 10
I prefer NVIDIA over ATI due to its blazing fast performance but ATI is not that much far behind NVIDIA.You can chose a number of graphic cards these days of which ATI & NVIDIA are the best ones.For peoples having a lower budget ATI would be a great choice.