Information About HYIP

@bendod (13)
May 8, 2010 11:51am CST
It's to be hard to get revenue in dailylife. I have been try many kind of PTC/PPC/PTR and other affiliate program and there is no enough money to pay my life check. For that reasons, I want to ask to all of Lotters, anybody knows about High Yield Investment Program that trully pay and profitable ? So please give me some informations. Thank's for all.
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@babshish (1389)
• India
8 May 10
Hi Bendod, HYIP programs are most risky one and no one can assure you that particular program will always pay you. Few months back I joined one such program after doing lots of research, and they were online and promptly paying its members since 2004 even I got paid by them several times but suddenly from past few weeks they stopped paying and I have heard that they have gone scammed. ALthough I am in profit there, as whatever I have invested there got back, but think if someone has invested big amount there then what ?? I have also joined one such program, and invested only 50 cents and withdrawn $1 from that site and happy to keep on earning, but not sure till what time that site will pay. So before joining such progams be aware of all the pros and cons. Enjoy mylotting.
@borg246 (541)
• Malta
8 May 10
Hey bendod, I've been in the HYIP business and rest assure that's not the way you should be investing money. It is extremely risky. Recently i had decided to invest in this HYIP - Genius Funds (it had been running for 3 years so i decided to invest - $150 to be precise and guess what? after 1 month of being signed up to it they 'packed up' and left and took all those millions with them. Anyways, if you insist on using HYIP's as a means of earning money, use short term HYIP's and by investing small amounts. So at least if it turns out a scam, you wouldn't loose much. Remember, most HYIP's are ponzi schemes - and i have a reason to support that. Be careful mate, don't waste your time and money, be careful! Regards, borg246