sad that it's the last season of the tudors

@evepin (723)
May 9, 2010 4:36am CST
if there is one tv series that got me super hooked, it's the tudors. i must admit that the previous years i didnt watch it because it aired too late at night already. but then i downloaded all 3 past seasons and i have to kick myself for not watching the show sooner! anyways, its the last season of the tudors, and i feel sad because i have grown to love this series. i just wish that they didnt end the series with king henry, because there are a lot of stories to tell about the ones who were throned after: king edward, queen anne, and of course, queen elizabeth. i really hope they prolong this season at least. any fans of the the tudors here? please share your thoughts!
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@mom4kids (658)
• Canada
25 May 10
I adore The Tudors. Upon watching the show it has sparked an obsession of reading fictional novels on the Tudors and then when I got bored of reading peoples different views on the whole Anne Boleyn scandal, or what is refered as the King's Great Matter I started reading about other Kings and there reigns. There are so many great stories in the history of these kings. I just love it all. Anyways back to the show The Tudors, I am seriously going through withdrawl. I need my Tudors! I will be buying them all on dvd. I can't wait for season 4 to start!