To chess players

@bonanza9 (257)
May 9, 2010 8:10am CST
What are your favorite opening lines? For me, if I'm white, I will sometimes use King's Gambit or Danish Gambit because it is so fun to start wildfire all over the board lol. But mostly I will use simple Ruy Lopez. If I'm Black, Sicilian will suit me best because this is the first line that my chess tutor taught me as Black. The idea is to prevent White occupies the Center Squares. Plus with Accelerated Dragon Sicilian, we can expect a quick win to the uninitiated.
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@bloggeroo (2167)
• Philippines
9 May 10
I'm a Bobby Fischer fan so I use his preferences in openings. I like King pawn openings as white and against it, Sicilian Najdorf as black. Against Queen pawn openings, I would use the King's Indian Defense. As of now, I'm no longer active in chess. I was born before the computer so I really didn't develop well as a player because chess books were too scarce in my high school and college days. Now, it's exciting to be a chess player with all the computer programs and hundreds of ebooks downloadable from the internet. Anyway, I do have a theory as to how to train a chess player. But I may not be able to test my idea anymore.