What can you say about the Election Today?

May 10, 2010 2:22am CST
What do you observe the election today base on my experience i really dont like the way or the process of the election because the incharge is not working fast so the voters can vote faster in a cluster there are 1000 voters and until now only 200 voters had vote how about the others? the votation will only take until 6:00 pm now... for me this is not the way i think the election before is better than now people are waiting for their priority number to be called the incharge in the room is not working to make the votation faster.Picos machine help people to make things easy especially the work of counting the votation but how could we make things faster if only one person is working how about the others?... For me as a suggestion if this will happened again why dont we had 3 computer in 1 cluster then records all the names of the voters and giving a big space like gym where many voters can take the vote so others can follow immediately... so is there any suggestion regarding the Philippines Election. I hate this Election.
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10 May 10
Since automated elections is new to Filipino people, we can expect a lot of problems and negative comments because of disorganization. COMELEC and Smartmatic must learn from all their mistakes and avoid this in the next elections so we will not wait for 3hrs in line.
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10 May 10
the problem regarding this automation election is that the incharge is not working hard to make the election faster and so that all the voters can vote ... like what happened today not all the voters had vote so what shall we do regarding this problem.
@ichipink (541)
• Philippines
12 May 10
As a PPCRV volunteer, I have observed that the BEIs are not so familiar with this new method of voting that is why they are not as fast as they use to. They were even hesitant to use our priority numbers because they thought it would be easy & fast, but good thing they used it to avoid the long lines. I think one of the setbacks in the voting is the part where the BEIs have to search for our files in the big blue book. Another is that some voters forget their precinct numbers and the BEIs has to look for it themselves. I agree with mariaglenda's suggestion. Every cluster should have at least one computer to make it easier for BEIs to search for the voter's name & precinct assignment.
11 May 10
it is my first time to vote that is why i am so happy and at the same time very excited that the way of the election today is automated..and it is also the first time here in the Philippines....well,base on my experience,,i felt bad for what happen on the day of the election because there were some PCOS machine which was not working,,,that is why the election process was slow and people have waited for too long.....