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@anjel016 (329)
May 10, 2010 3:27pm CST
As an introduction, I'm not a very studious girl. Although I do the things that I need to do in school like homeworks, projects, etc. But the thing is, as time goes by, I get more lazier than I ever was. In my grade school days, I barely remember focusing a lot in playing but rather doing my school works. While in HS, I can still control myself to focus on my studies and yet simultaneously do my hobbies (online games, chatting, watching tv, etc.). But now that I am in college (currently in my 4th year now), I need to force myself away from all the distractions around me. I have to concentrate a lot just to set my mind in studying. The hard part for me is to "start". Once that is done, everything is all set now. But once I got distracted again, there goes my issue again. So I want to ask any tips here from myLot if there is any good and effective method to counter this issue of mine. This would be a great help not just for me but also for the rest of myLotters students that is facing the same problem.
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@tayd88 (205)
• Malaysia
11 May 10
hi, in my schooling times which are quite some time maybe long ago,what i normally to concentrate on my studies are time management.That is,to differentiate the time to play and study.I just kept reminding myself time to relax/play/watching tv are from 5pm till 7pm.Dinner 30 minutes.Then go study at 8pm till 10pm,relax 10minutes.Then continue studying again.It really need a lot of discipline to follow the routine especially exam time. Once in awhile i do fall asleep during studying buts that's long gone.Happy with your studies..
@alocure (370)
• United States
11 May 10
have you tried using flash cards or studying with a friend? i study using flashcards the ones that are colorful. they help alot because its memorable. if you write them out on flash cards and read them out as you write the info will eventually sink in. hope this helps.. happing mylotting
@annierose (20303)
• Philippines
11 May 10
hi anjel, First of all, you must be steadfast with your goal. Then, follows self-discipline. Without self discipline, no matter how many tips presented it would be non-sense. YOu must have a clear goal and adamant in learning.In order to have good study habits, you must set your own schedule where you can do it every day. Choose a specific time of the day in which you feel that there is less distraction if you will be studying. It can be in the morning, afternoon or evening. Look for a place that is conducive to learning. It must be quiet, with proper lightning, and proper ventilation.Collect all of your learning materials and put it where you will study. If you have all your reference material at hand, there will be no way for you to go from one place to another to look for it. Turn your computer and cellphone off because it can get your attention easily.It is also good to know the learning style you have. Are you the kind who learns easily with music? If so, then you can play music while studying. Classical music are the best because it is relaxing. Do you remember things easily if you are eating or chewing something? Then, it is okay if you include eating in your studying.
@p3ks626 (6538)
• Philippines
11 May 10
Then I think you should be more responsible to your actions. I mean, you already know the reason why you get distracted so the best thing for you to do is restrain it and not get yourself in trouble by choosing to let things be cause you were already distracted. Its all in the mind. As they said, there's a reason why your brain is up there and not down there. Its suppose to guide you and not lead you astray. It will now depend on how you're going to use it well.
• China
10 May 10
You should study everyday. As you complete your homework or project timely. Like this also complete your lesson everyday. Whatever teacher teach a day. Don't said that tomorrow i will do it. Hope tips will helpful for you.
@iGimp01 (188)
10 May 10
Promise yourself something you want then once you finished you can have the thing you wanted. Happy Mylotting!