Smoking Kills: Do you agree to cigarette ban?

cigarette - this is what you will get in a stick of a cigarette when you are a smoker.
@elleb0418 (1107)
May 10, 2010 3:49pm CST
Cigarette smoking will surely kill you, not only you but also the people around you will be affected also. As a concern citizens are you willing to ban the cigarette and had a law on no smoking in public places?
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• United Kingdom
20 May 10
Yes, I'm going to take a harsh view on this and I think that smoking should be banned altogether! I've had asthma ever since the age of three and smoking doesn't do me any favours! I don't smoke and have never smoked! The closest I have come to this is when I have been in the company of others that were smoking and so I guess I was passive smoking! It's a good thing that people are allowed to what they want but I'm thinking that smokers should be more sensitive to the needs of those that don't smoke or those that don't like breathing in their smoke! I think that in some places smoking has been banned outright now and this can only be a good thing, this is taking everyone's health into consideration. Andrew