a new day

May 10, 2010 8:07pm CST
It is really not easy for me to post a lot in English. In fact i have lost my confidence in English writing and oral. Well,I would tell you here the thing happened in the morning. 7:00AM,i got up,and 7:20 i drived through Huancheng Road,which is so similar for, but today there was different, the police change the road, and i choose the wrong one, so crazy, i am in the wrong way and the cars were driving facing me,so lucky, i left the road. Isnt i still in the dream?
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@lkbooi (16070)
• Malaysia
11 May 10
it doesn't matter what you have mentioned above about your experience happens on the road whether it is in a dream or in real life, I feel relieved you are safe finally I did come across a dreadful accidence many years back in a drizzling evening. The car I drove was out of control and it nearly dashed into the huge drain by the side of the road. It's fortunate that I finally managed to stop it just at the edge of the drain. It's really an unforgettable narrow escape. The four other passengers felt relieved and burst the silence after we were safe away from the scary and amazing scene We seemed like having a brand new day after the fearful experience. Take care and happy posting!
@iwrite (5034)
• Singapore
11 May 10
Hey my friend you are doing well, I have a hard time with my English too, just ask my teacher, Primary and Secondary. And what happened there, were you in your dream?
• Philippines
11 May 10
i think your still asleep, and your dreaming.. :) but it would be good if you dreamnt that your car is floating and there was a traffic jam in the sky.. :) lol