Graduation Produces More Family Members

United States
May 10, 2010 10:37pm CST
With graduation coming up (or already happened depending on your school and location), graduates are contacting/announcing their graduation to every family member they can remember. Usually in hope to get a gift or money for their big accomplishment. This includes the long lost relatives who they haven't seen in a decade. On the other end, these relatives receive graduation pictures and announcements of kids they have no idea who they are. They begin calling around trying to figure out who is this kid and how did they get their address. It just seems like when people are looking for gifts/money, they quickly remember the relatives who they haven't spoken to.
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• United States
11 May 10
Hey, it's hard being a new graduate! Everyone expects you to get a job, but no employers take you seriously! It's tough! I graduated from high school last year and when I addressed all my announcements, I picked every relative my Mom sends Christmas cards to every year. I got a lot of money back, and I sent thank you notes to everyone. Now the people at my church, even those I'm not well aquatinted with, gave me whole lot more than my relatives. (I sent them thank-you notes too) I'm very grateful to all my family and my church for giving what they did! They didn't have to! There was no self-addressed and stamped envelope labeled "put money in here" in my graduation announcement. And I would never send an announcement to a relative who would have absolutely no idea who I was. This year I'm planning on giving lots of money to my friends who are graduating. They really do need it!