if you had a chance to see your future , u would see it or not ?

May 11, 2010 9:14am CST
if you had a chance to see your future, u would see it or not ? for me, i prefer to choose not to see it , i want to keep having an air of mystery about my future, no matter it's good or not , i don't know , i just keep moving , keep my dream, try my best to make it come true , what about you?
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@kharlav (1669)
• Philippines
11 May 10
of course, I have always wanted to see my future. If God, would tell me of my future, it would be an honor and a privilege. Knowing my future could be an encouragement and it could also be a warning or a rebuke. Warning, so that I could not do the things that would lead me to that bad situation. Encouragement, so that i would not stop, but still continue to pursue and have faith.
• China
8 Jun 10
but don't you think if you had knew everything about you in the future,it would be no surprise ,cause you have known what will happen next moment