Cheers!! ....But wait! Isn't this real beer??

May 11, 2010 2:53pm CST
Hi, there. Are you enjoying beer? Well, beer is so popular in Japan like in other countries. I like beer. And I also like "happoshu" or fake beer. According to my dictionary, it is a low-malt beer or a beer like drink with a low grain content. I am not sure whether these definitions are correct or not. So I just said fake beer. We have many kinds of beer-like alcoholic drinks. They are really popular here in Japan because you can get them at really reasonable prices. For example, a 350ml can of beer is about 200yen but beer like one is about 150yen. Plus they are as strong as beer so you can get tipsy with them too. I like the taste, too. They taste like real beer! But, some of my friends say they taste different and prefer beer. How about in your country? Do your country have beer-like alcoholic drinks? If so, do you like them? :)
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