what's your secret to succeed in life?

May 12, 2010 6:57am CST
Do you guys have any? can you share them?
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@dorannmwin (36656)
• United States
15 May 10
The main secret in my life is that I find what I aspire to achieve and I keep fighting to reach that goal until I've achieved it. This dedication has been the thing that got me through a singlehood that was trying at times. Then, I wanted to be a mother and a good mother at that, I feel like every day with my children I am achieving that on a daily basis. The current goal that I would like to achieve is that I want to be completely out of debt by the time that I am forty years old. This is a work in progress, but I really believe that it is something that my family will be able to achieve.
@poohgal (6848)
• Singapore
12 May 10
Do your Best and let God do the rest!
@barehugs (8984)
• Canada
12 May 10
If you want to succeed at myLot, start your posts with several lines of script. Fill out your post, make it interesting and eye catching. Give a reason why you are making this post. This will encourage responses! In answer to your Post. I have been working for over 60 years, and my life has been both Gratifying and Successful. I have no secrets, but would suggest that you never work at a job you don't like. (life is too short for this!) Always do the job as well as you possibly can! Always do your best work and take pride in it. Be on time for work and never miss a day. Although its good to work for someone else, its better to work for yourself. Keep your mind open for an opportunity to become self-employed. Start your own business, and you can keep the profits for yourself!
• Philippines
12 May 10
Just make the most out of all the things that life has to offer for you. Be positive. Focus and just always do your very best in every little thing that you do. Learn to find happiness in all things. Most importantly, have FAITH in your FATE. Have faith in God. =)
@Savvynlady (3685)
• United States
12 May 10
Give of your best, never let them see you sweat, always pray and do your best. Most of all, always pray because you need the Lord by your side in times like this; any time actually.
@ShepherdSpy (8561)
• Omagh, Northern Ireland
12 May 10
Still working on my first Million here..I'll let you know when I discover it myself!