True love exists for 1 year . is it True ?

May 12, 2010 2:22pm CST
Recently i read a news that some USA researcher find that true love exists only for 1 year . then if the relation stay longer it is just a habbit nothing else . Are you agree with thi ?
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@rizzu87 (860)
• Malaysia
15 May 10
I dont agree with this. When we love a person we love them thorughout our life. Sometimes i believe people dont make thier partner feel that he/she love him / her the same way as before. But this is not true. If a guy love a girl a vice versa then love is always there between them but they dont show it the same way the two partners use to show love to each other. Hope you understood what i am trying to say
@zhangxia (87)
• China
13 May 10
if longer ,love will become another form .and it's a happiness
• India
13 May 10
if it's true love it shd exist forever n that which does'nt exist s not true love love is a feeling that is felt inside n that can't be researched on pen n paper
• United States
12 May 10
Absolutely not true. I'll've been married to my wife for two years next month, but we've been in love with each other for eleven years. It's definitely not a habit with us. Every morning, I wake up, and I choose her all over again. I ask myself, "If I didn't know what I know about her, if I didn't have the memories I have and the experiences we've shared, if I just met her today, would she be the one I'd choose to be with forever?" My answer, every morning, is, "Absolutely."
• China
12 May 10
No it's not true. True love exists forever. May be it's true for USA only. And i totally disagree with this.