do you think these types of words are present in the dictionary of friendship?

May 12, 2010 2:48pm CST
hi mylotees, Do you mylotees think that these types of words like sorry or thanks you are present in the dictionary of friendship? I don't think so. and i also don't say these words to my friends. No sorry No thank you.What about you mylotees?
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• United States
12 May 10
Apparently you have had friends that are not true friends that has caused you to feel this way. Otherwise if you have a TRUE friend you wouldn't speak this way. Then again you could of posted this just to see how others would respond. Of course those words are very popular in friendship/family dictionary. It is called respect for the friendship you have with another person.
• Netherlands
12 May 10
of course they are there i mean come on for reall geez so u never say sorry so u never do anything wrong never anyu thank you thats not really gratefull is it?
• China
12 May 10
Yes i think it's available in the dictionary of friendship and real life friendship. When our friend really do anything for us then we should say thanks to them and when they really do mistake then they should say sorry. It's a realistic. And no sorry no thanks it's a movie dialogue only. When your friend will do very big mistake and if he doesn't say sorry to you then you will feel so bad and angry on him. After say sorry you can no sorry no thanks not before.