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United States
May 12, 2010 2:56pm CST
Ok this blew my mind, I got banned from one of the GPT sites that I belong to, I had the admins email address so I emailed to ask why I was banned and the reason was because I went to their "sister site" and did a duplicate offer. They reinstated me when I told them I did not intend to brake the rules and I would try to keep better track of my activity. However Im wondering how many of the GPT sites out there are connected by the same owners. I would like to ask you all to list for me (if you know) sites that are run by the same owner. For instance Simplegpt/points4rewards and funhousegpt are all owned by the same owner, what ones do you know of? Please do not add referral links as I am not looking to exchange referrals or to join anything, just doing research so I dont make the same mistake.
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• Netherlands
12 May 10
i didnt even know it worked like that so i got no info for u but thank u for the info u just gave me
• China
12 May 10
Same here. I also never think like that. And if it is then they should inform us from firstly. Then we will not join there sister site.
@SomeCowgirl (32191)
• United States
13 May 10
gaminglagoon, cashlagoon, actually there's a whole bunch in the Networklagoon that are interconnected.