What annoys you about facebook?

May 13, 2010 4:29am CST
For me, its all those games - especially when people send you gifts - and want you to play as well. All those invites are always binned by me now! What annoys you about facebook?
8 responses
@donsky14 (5961)
• Philippines
13 May 10
The one thing that annoyed me in facebook was that SIMS application thing. Where your tagged in a photo and it will say that the SIMS application really works when it doesn't. I think its a virus or something. It was annoying.
• Ireland
13 May 10
Hi, I never came across that application. There are other applications that try to steal your password on it. I dont touch any of those applications anymore.
@Luwiego (622)
• Israel
27 May 10
The most annoying thing is the friend requests.... I have over 100 friend request of people i dont know and am hearing first time...
@cripfemme (7713)
• United States
23 May 10
It annoys me when people invite me to do things for games I don't even play such as Farmville and Sorority Life. It also annoys me that some people you think are nice turn out to be creepy. I've learned how to remove friends just for such cases.
@bdugas (3581)
• United States
15 May 10
People who see you are friends with people they know ask you to be friends, that is how it works if you use the games, the more people you have as friends the more gifts you get. If you are not interested in the games then that is your right, but I think half of the fun of Fbis the games. But then some people like a friend of mine just don't like to be bothered by others. I can't see why a person would want to join a site like FB if they wasn't interested in how it works but then I don't know what else would be on it unless you just have one or 2 that you liek to communicate with. For me it lets me see friends from back home and my family. And I love the games, and we compete in them and it is fun to see what gifts they choolse to send you. As for being annoyed, when the games won't open up or won't play that is waht annoys me, you work hard for the points and it takes a lot to expand or to keep the food going at the cafe, and then when you use your points for food or to redecorate it don't save the game and you lose the points and the stuff you bought with them. They need to make the games work if they want people to play them.
@ellepor (28)
• Philippines
14 May 10
game and application invites annoys me.. i think now i have, 100+ invites and i'm too lazy to ignore them.. i hate them!
• Lithuania
13 May 10
I'm annoyed when I try a game everyone can see this so they want to be a friend and co-op. I didn't find how to block them so thats annoying me.
@Torunn (5503)
• Norway
13 May 10
People adding me as a friend but not saying from where we know eachother. I've got 22 pending friend requests now, they all seem to think that we know eachother but I can't remember from where. If your friends use many of the same applications you can block them I think. At least you can take them away from your news feed, but I'm pretty sure you can block games and other applications too.
• Philippines
13 May 10
What annoys me with facebook is that it does not work well in my office computer. Most likely because of security reasons. It's just me, though. LOL.