What's the most disgusting thing you've done this week?

May 13, 2010 6:50am CST
Well I actually can't decide between removing the mouse from my girfriends house that had been decapitated by one of the cats, cleaning up the cat poop from the chimney breast, removing a bird the cats had very kindly left as a gift for me or trying to revive a week old chick that had been trampled by it's brothers and/or sisters What was the grossest thing you did this week? Do you do gross things a lot?
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@catdla1 (6005)
• United States
13 May 10
I've had cats since I was seven years old, so taking care of all of their 'accidents' and 'presents' really doesn't bother me to much. I've gotten used to it over time. We have my father-in-law staying with us now, who is in the final stages of COPD. He's totally bedridden now, and eats and drinks very little. I think the worst task is changing adult diapers. Whenever possible, I've been relegating that to my husband, his son. Only fair, right? Having him here is much better than having him at a nursing home where no one really cares about him.