Who should say "it's over?'"

@roldango (230)
May 13, 2010 8:30am CST
do you have the courage to say "it's over" to your partner? Or would you rather wait for him/her to break up with you? I have personally known a friend who was in a relationship for almost 8 years. Her last year with his boyfriend was so terrible( she found out her bf was seeing another woman) she wanted to end the relationship. But she found it hard to say the break up words for reasons she couldnt understand. finally when the guy got notice on the dryness of their affair, he broke up with her. and it was only that time when she found a great relief.
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• United States
30 May 10
I had the courage to know that what was going on was not my fault. So I told him he had to choose, because I wasn't the one causing him all the problems. Yes, He did choose too. What he chose was not exactly what I wanted, and also 11 months after doesn't seem what he's happy with. But at the same time If I have to say it is over, I will say it because I need to protect myself.
@markleob (1902)
• Philippines
13 May 10
in my case, better say what is in your heart and mind. be frank. if she has been frank, she haven't wasted her time with this gago bf.
@Nessa314 (58)
13 May 10
I think when you are with someone for a long time and care about that person, irrespective of what you have gone through, it is very difficult to bring yourself to hurt that person. I still feel uncomfortable even when I have to complain about cold food at a restaurant. I have told someone that it was over. I felt really bad and almost jeopardised the next relationship I was in because I felt bad for my ex. It is worse when either person breaks it off. No one has the upper hand. both individuals get hurt and need their time to cherish the time together and mourn the end of the relation. If you call it off you have to deal with the added guilt and if the other person calls it off, then you have to sit and think about why this was so sudden and why you didn't see things earlier.