WELL! WELL! Its really becomming a QUEERY??CAN YOU SOLVE ?

@umit_umit (1984)
May 13, 2010 2:33pm CST
OH!friends,i must tell you an incident which happened yesyerday night??our watch man fainted while sitting under the NEEM tree,as in the morning his mouth was full of like cows what is that caled the sticky!!i dont know!as he told that he felt nostalgic,spinned on the chair as if some one has pushed him and fell,and he fainted,he dont know!what can be the reason for this??which gas might have effected him??as he is being sleeping like this for so 2 years!!as now he has left the job and gone to his village??can anyone tell about this??its boggling my mind since yesterday??and making me feel very uneasy??please any one can tell?
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@lomns98 (110)
• United States
13 May 10
@umit_umit (1984)
• India
14 May 10
uts really very very scary and as well as amazing!!friend all the neighbrarours are in a thought what can be the reason !!he was the society watchman!!and before leaving he told my mother about it!!and she told to all the people!!