Who likes to Hit your teacher rite on his face????????

May 14, 2010 1:55am CST
Hi!!! I am not talking about the good teachers which everyone had... ONLY ABOUT THE STUPID ONES I have always felt to do this because of some crap teachers we had during our school days. They were very dumb and motivated only to torchure our happy school days. They dont like us being happy. Please share your thoughts which might get back a smlie on your face...Tell me why you like to hit your teacher on his face???????????
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@crackx (628)
• Belgium
14 May 10
Somehow it's a different kind of topic, but I like it. You should know how many times I must have thought like that, hitting the teacher. Perhaps...every week at least 2 times I think. But when you think it through it's not worth it eventually as you might know. The first time I thought about it must have been... in second grade I think. So that's for quite some time now :D They probably don't think of our feelings, and we are just their job actually. And the teachers that just don't like their job, won't be able to make us happy as well I think. Keep up though ;) They aren't worth it xD
• India
14 May 10
Thanks for sharing. good one.
• Philippines
15 May 10
There are several teachers back in highschool I want to hit right in the face. They tell us to do a lot of things when there isn't enough time on our hands. And there are those teachers who abuses students like the one I've watched in the news. This one teacher hit his student, clearly violating the respect between the student-teacher relationship. I know they have a handbook for about how to treat students whenever they're inside the school premises. They're clearly acting like they didn't even take a look at the table of contents of that book.