on being sick and sharing a drink.....

@Cutie18f (9560)
May 14, 2010 6:03am CST
Supposing you're sick, like you have cough and colds, and you're walking down the street sipping a can of juice. Suddenly a boy beggar approaches you with hand outstretched, telling you he's thirsty and will you kindly give him the rest of your drink? Knowing that you're sick, would you be willing to share your drink with that beggar? You do not have any extra money to shelve, and he is only asking for your drink, would you give it? This incident actually happened to me just this afternoon and of course, I just ignored the boy although I wanted to give him the drink but decided against it because I might pass on my illness to him. What would you do?
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@cloud31 (5810)
14 May 10
I would do the same as you did.I will not share my drinks to any other not that I don't wanna share just aware of transferring virus to anyone and you did it right who knows maybe next time you will have chance meet him again maybe he would ask for cash that time...Nice topic.
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@Cutie18f (9560)
• Philippines
14 May 10
Hi cloud! Thanks for responding and affirming my action.