Do You Have Television In Your Office?

May 15, 2010 6:54am CST
Well, just last month, in my office at my dept room, we put a television there. A 42 inch lcd television. After my office move last year, the old television was never put in my dept room any more, and after 3 month, instead put the old one, we bought a new one. Now i can watch television again from the office. Although now, most of the time, we put it in a "just in second software" ( some kind of information system ), but every once in a while we use it to watch television channel. Especially if there is an interesting news. How about you? Do you have and can watch television in your office? Thanks.
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• Boston, Massachusetts
16 May 10
Hi Lord, Yes we do have televisions in the office but not for the employees to view. it's there to entertain the patients while they're waiting for the turn. If we want to watch we can do it during lunch time. but of course it's kind awkwartd to be sitting in the lobby just to watch the tv. if we want some news updates we can just browse the internet. at least we're allowed to do it.
• Indonesia
10 May 11
Oh i see, from your explanation, i think you are working in a hospital or a clinic. Am i right? Anyway, now, i already move to a new office and there is a big tv there which only show data and graphich. Although it showing the data in real time, i still prefer watching movie there, but now it is kinda hard since this television don't have antenna on it.
@marctiu (830)
• Philippines
16 May 10
That is so cool. I think that in my office we really don't need a television because people will tend to watch more than do the work. So I think that it is very useless to put up a television in the office. That is very nice for your office to have a television. Hope that does not disturb your work. I also prefer to listen to radios for local news. I think that it is more reliable there compared to the television. Have a nice day. Happy mylotting. Thanks for the discussion.
• Indonesia
16 May 10
Well actually the main use for the television is not to show television show, but more to showing data from the server. But, if we bored, we could turn on the television since it seem no one really care about the data that it has been shown because most people can see it from their own computer. Well i know sometime it disturb our work, but on the other hand, it could relieve our stress and make us work harder after that. Thanks for responding this discussion.
@paula27661 (15898)
• Australia
15 May 10
I haven’t worked in an office for a long time but I recall when I did we didn’t have a TV to watch during work. We had one in the lunch room that we could look at during our breaks but it would only be on if something in particular was going on like the Olympics or the annual horse race etc.
• Indonesia
16 May 10
Well i see, yes, most office put their television away because it can really make people stop working and start watching. As for my office, most of the time we only connect it to a software application but sometime, when we are bored, and there is no dept head around, we change it to television, mostly we watch news. Some time even my bos watch news there. Thanks for responding this discussion.
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