I believe that money is not the root of all evil,but........................

May 15, 2010 9:08am CST
To a point of view,money is earned through a normal ways of living.You must work hard to have it,and pay all expenses,and wants by your hard earned money.Some people can multiply their earnings by doing more than the usual work,doing also other jobs,and side lines,just to have extra income.In doing so,some over do it,by engaging unlawful activities,due to the more income it could be generated by doing it.The normalcy of earning a better living condition is now dominating your doubting mind,yet you could not stop it,because you wanted to get richer by tomorrow.The evilness of getting richer is the root of all evil,but not the money earned by doing it,but the willingness to earn more gives you evil in your mind to earn for more money.
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