I don't want your money! What do you think now?

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November 16, 2006 11:13am CST
I want only honest answers to this, I've changed it all up, and would like as many people to become members for free. Please read it, because I have changed it. Sorry if I ruffled feathers yesterday, but any advertising, good or bad, is advertising! I only want to help people, so if there are any changes that you think I should make to this letter, please send me your advice! DO YOU WANT TO MAKE SOME MONEY ONLINE? DO YOU WANT TO KNOW HOW? DO YOU WANT YOUR OWN EMAIL REFERRAL BUSINESS? If your answer to the above questions is No, don't read on! Here’s how you can start your own business for just $0.00 This thing really works; all you have to do is follow all the instructions carefully. THIS IS FAST, AND IT WILL WORK FOR YOU! STEP 1: Put your name in the place of the person below! STEP 2: Send an email to that person, with the comment “I’ve joined; add me to the members list”! This gets you started in your own Email Referral Business and your email address will be added to the Email List of the person you sent your email address to, and the members list! Each Member will receive this list once a month! This is a business and you are compiling referral lists of friends and future business acquaintances, you can contact them at anytime to discuss things or make other offers available to them! YOU CAN USE YOUR REFERRAL LISTS FOR: * Promoting products, Affiliate advertising, or promoting your own site for sales or sign ups! The possibilities are endless!!! REMEMBER that almost every Internet Marketer that is making money will tell you that the money is in the list. Without a good referral list, it is hard to promote anything on the internet. So you need a list to make money! Your list will help you in all your future or existing business endeavors!! Most of these marketers will charge you $50.00 to $200.00 for this information to get you started! YOUR PAYMENT TO JOIN US IS $0.00!! And everything to get you started is right here, with no expensive eBooks, courses, seminars, websites or even costly advertising! STEP 3: After adding your email to the person above, replace their email address with yours! Copy this letter and submit it to as many Message Boards, Chat Rooms, or Newsgroups as you can! Remember to Remove the email address you are replacing (the one you sent your email address to), and Replace it with your own email address. Remember the more postings that you make, equals more people seeing this ad to start their own business through you!Please follow all the instructions carefully, don't miss a step! If you have a printer, print it out! 3 FACTORS THAT MAKE THIS BUSINESS SO SUCESSFUL...... *Extremely High Response Rate *Unlimited Profit Potential, when you send your referrals to other businesses that you’re involved with and they sign up, you will make money! *A Very Fast and Easy Way to Compile Your List! SO THERE IT IS You now have the knowledge that will enable you to make MONEY with your referrals over the next few weeks! The only thing that can hold you back now is not doing your postings! Trust me on this! You certainly won't regret it! You can keep on posting over and over again! Remember people are sending their email address to you, to help you with your business, and to get started in their own! HINT: Log into your search engine and search with these subjects! Millionaire message boards, money making message boards, employment message boards, money making discussion boards, money making forums or business message boards, etc... Click on them one by one, once there you will find the option to post a new message, do this and post as much as you like! (Your searches are done on your computer where you would usually look for information on the internet!) HAVE FUN POSTING! Remember you don't have to retype this letter, just copy and paste it into your documents folder and then post it on the boards that you want to. Remember to put your email address into the spot of the person, which you sent your email address to!!!! THE BOTTOM LINE IS THIS: This is Your Own Email Referral Business! Everyone that jumps onboard is making their email address available to start their own business and will be putting in as much time as they want to post to message boards, based on the amount of people they want to get started into this business, and the amount of referrals that they want to get. We suggest that you post to at least 50 boards! The more posts by everyone, the more members! The more members, the more people that you can send your referral links to! Remember the golden rule: In order to make money on the internet with businesses that you are already involved with or businesses that you are thinking of joining as a affiliate etc…you must have a good referral list to work with, the more referrals that you can send to the sites that your involved with, the more money you will make when they sign up under you with your referral links! WE ARE ALL REGULAR PEOPLE, WORKING TOGETHER FOR THE SAME GOAL! A BRIGHTER FUTURE FOR EVERYONE!!!!!!!!! Don’t forget to do your postings, the more people involved, the more referrals. This equals more money for your referral links. Lets all work together to build the greatest referral list ever, ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS BECOME A MEMBER AND SUBMIT YOUR POSTS!! And if your reading this letter, you are already a member of a forum, so start your postings their! Remember to be honest; all email referral lists MUST be sent to the Owner of REFERRAL LISTS R’US at: vpr.letmehelpyou1@yahoo.ca These lists will not be sold by the owner mentioned above; it is just used to verify that all participants that are in this program are actual members and have made their email address available to start their own business! Each month everyone that is a member will receive a full list of everyone involved. This allows your referral list to grow even faster. We do not tolerate SPAMMING; do not email this to anyone! Unless they are contacts that have already agreed to be on your list, from other business or friendship endeavors! LEGAL STUFF: By becoming a member of REFERRAL LISTS R’US, you agree to receive emails from all the members involved, be courteous and feel free to ask them any questions about the businesses that they are sending you a link to. Copyright © 2006, By REFERRAL LISTS R’ US, All Rights Reserved. This page cannot be reproduced by anyone, who has not made their email address available to this business. After you’ve sent your email to the person above, I only authorize you to replace the email address of the person that you sent your email address to! Everything else must remain the same!
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