a marriage style

@pujiao (39)
May 17, 2010 1:45am CST
i'd like to share a marriage style with you,there is an ancient town called Lijiang in my province,by the Lugu lake in this town there exists a marriage style named walking marriage, a man there goes to the house of the girl he loves and make love with her, but they don't marry each other,even the girl has a baby,and they don't live together,they just live with their own brothers and sisters,so a man there may have several wives and a woman may have several husbands,sisters'children are raised by the women and their brothers,not by children's fathers,it sounds great that a man don't need to carry the burden of raising children,fathers just go to see their children sometimes.i like this marriage style so much,do you?
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@med889 (5951)
17 May 10
This is a very good research on marriages, however time has changed and now no woman will want to let their man go to another woman after marriage because it is sacred and divine so Im happy time has changed for the better.
@oldchem1 (8143)
17 May 10
Oh no, I don't think that I would like this type of marriage!! I am perfectly happy with mine