Herbal medicines can at times do more harm than good

May 17, 2010 1:56am CST
I am a licensed nurse and before u rap about how I advocate synthetic meds over natural ones, bear in mind that I have read articles and have assisted in medical cases and operations regarding these. 1.) Although they say herbal medicines are natural, which are true, the dosage can be higher than what the body needs. This can damage the liver which has the major role of detoxifying harmful substances in the body. Believe me, I have assisted in an operation where in the liver had "pus" due to over consumption of herbal medicines. 2.) The "herbal doctors" per se do not have the proper training to diagnose illnesses. I am stating out that these doctors only diagnose conclusively thru limited symptoms and signs. They fail to see what could be the REAL and underlying causes of the disease. So they prescribe herbal medications.....which in some cases might end up as a contraindication to the patient's condition. 3.) "NO APPROVED THERAPEUTIC CLAIM" label is very misleading. Although under Bureau of Food and Drugs this only means it is not a drug---but mainly food supplements. Remember the rule----anything in excess is bad even eating. So can u imagine taking let's say 2 capsules of 500 mg bitter gourd for diabetes in one sitting? That's like eating almost 8 pieces of bitter gourd (yuck) in one sitting when the recommended food serving fir diabetics is only 1/2 cup per meal!
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