Would you allow your children to join the army.

May 17, 2010 6:12am CST
A recent(ish) subject matter on Coronation Street and Eastenders!!! Would you allow your son or daughter to join the army and risk been sent to Afghanistan? Personally I would allow them to do as they pleased, but i wouldn't "like" it, and would try to disuade them into going. Yes we need strong people to fight in the army, and without them we would be left with nothing, but during this world now as it is, with the was in Afghasinstan and young "cannon fodder" been sent out there with not enough equipment, would you be happy to have your children join up?
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@gaboni (644)
• Israel
26 Jul 10
Not only that I would allow them to, but I will demand them to, if they are fit of course. those 3 years of serving will do only good to them, and it should come from their heart, to wish to protect them land at any way possible.
@oldchem1 (8144)
17 May 10
I wouldn't be able to stop them but I certainly wouldn't encourage them and would try to talk them out of it!!