how dreaming is better to get succes in any field of life?

May 18, 2010 5:09pm CST
in this you can tell about what dreamings makes effect so that dreaming makes us great
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@asep988 (92)
• Indonesia
18 Jun 10
Be positive when you are thinking about your dream. Don't say any dream is impossible. You have to believe everything is possible as long as you know how to start it.
@verptc (246)
• Philippines
20 May 10
Dreaming is free to anyone. If you set your dream and make it come true then why not you can attain your dream. Just work for it as hard as you can and find ways to to reach your dream then it is no impossible dream for any one and by God's guidance.
@Baluyadav (3643)
• India
19 May 10
hi,dream big and try to achieve with PLANNING and HARD WORK....then success will come to us.... Set a goal/target relevent to your studies/experience andachieve it with strong amition.In India,there was a man,D.Ambanj worked as a boy in petrole selling centre in 1975 and now that the same family is numberone pioneers in petrol andnatural gas,communications,multimedia,power........
• India
19 May 10
dreming is realy boon to humans,by dreming the person will get some mental relaxation and he will be confident when one dream he had dreamed becomes true by his EFFORT as a result of that he gain a little bit self confidence and a positive thinker.but this is only for that person who will make the dream true and for just day dreamers who will wont make any effort there is no use.dream for a goal and for use ful activity and use all our muscle,mind and abilities to make the dream a tru one then only the activity is fulfilled otherwise simply dreaming is of no use