do you treat your pet as your own kid?

@dhysanne (451)
May 20, 2010 3:06am CST
Funny but I have a friend who treats his dog as his own son. Do you treat your pet the same way too?
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• Philippines
20 May 10
yes we do that at home, actually last night our dog and cat took overnight in the bed with my nephews and nieces. they slept like the childrens around.
• United States
27 May 10
My dog does that too! But not on the bed because she isn't allowed upstairs. She hogs the couch. She stretches out on the whole thing that can normally sit three people.
• United States
14 Jun 10
yes, I must admit I am guilty as well. My dog has so much personality, she acts like child. lol! but she really does.
@besthope44 (12141)
• India
13 Jun 10
Well i feel my puppy is our new kid. Its still like my daughter, searches for me and sleep, play with me. I feel its a kid like
• United States
27 May 10
Oh, yes we do. But on the other hand, our dog thinks she IS a human. She expects to eat whenever we eat, go wherever we go, etc. We bring her to the vet more than we go to the doctor ourselves. We also give her Christmas gifts too! (:
@vanity666 (260)
• Spain
25 May 10
yes,i have a cat and a little parrot and love them very much and i like to take good care of them :)
@karen1969 (1788)
20 May 10
I think I am guilty of this sometimes, despite having 4 kids of my own! My dog Pixie is 3 and I have had her since she was a small puppy. I let her lie on the furniture, sleep on our bed at night and she does get a few too many treats, as I am quite soft on her.