My Real Life Story

May 20, 2010 4:08am CST
"Sadness is a true friend in my life'' Maybe that sentence is very compatible with me. I was a student at a leading faculty in Purwokerto, my name is Noe. I want to share a bit about my life experiences, about the happiness of sadness all happy and sorrow that has been my experience, hopefully useful to readers and can be retrieved silver lining. I grew up in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia, in a family that lives only simple, consisting of two brothers. Perhaps the reader to imagine about life as a happy family because it only consists of four family men, who are always shaded by the love and affection from parents. But all that is just a mere fantasy and dreams in this life, happiness, as if merely a dream which will never become a reality, while life is like a nightmare that soon want to get up quickly from the dream. "Childhood is the most beautiful'' Most people say childhood is the most beautiful period, a period in which they are free to do everything, be creative, have fun, play, laughter, but if I was seeing the tape of the kid, not a nice memory to remember, but a wound that very poignant and heartbreaking. I categorized those who are smart enough as a kid I had more ability than others. Most people want to have intelligence that is more like me, many are jealous of my ability. But I myself want to just being a normal, because this excess is a disaster for this myself, and this intelligence is also the beginning of all the sadness in my life. 'Mother was a most gentle creatures lovingly'' Mother is someone who has been credited with giving birth all of us, my mother gave the love is unconditional, giving comfort and security. But not for me ... My mother is a famous private tutor in my county, my mother has been trusted by the people to teach lessons. Maybe this is what makes her so obsessed that I became the most more than others, perhaps also because this is the sadness of life should be started ... All my mother's obsession for me to be the best done anything wrong. When I sat on the bench SD, I considered an intelligent person, but all that I do not want because it is stored behind a dark story. Because I was my mother's ingenuity increasingly obsessed, always demanding I be the best, demanding this and demanding to make themselves more and more depressed. Every day, when my mother came home from teaching about 10 hours of the night I'm always at my mother's test by using the FAQ, before I had already memorized the material to be learned the next day at school, it is aimed so that I can know the material so no headache the next day for mengikutinya.Setiap evening I was always in the test until late at night, this is where it all began. I'm always on the test by my mother, told to memorize textbook material for the next day, I always memorize it before so I can answer the questions my mother, I was always able to answer them. But one day I can not answer the question my mother, then my mother immediately angry with me, throw the book at me, berate me with rude remarks. I own up to this moment do not know why my mother do that to me, probably because of the accumulated stress or whatever reason. What is clear to me it makes its own wounds, could not answer any questions so be ready - ready for the mad, I get scolded when word because it is only limited to the fair. But this is different readers, not just a mere word that I received but a punch, pinch, slap, spit and even my mother often told me. Then not only that, my grandmother always said never spanked me because it can be the value of 7, just as it can value me beaten up first seven full hours, and then when I can be the value of eight school beaten and scorned me out - run out by my mother, my mother told me a minimum value 9, if not better do not go home. I'm getting depressed, I'm confused what to do, I'm just a kid who wants to understand, want to get a proper affection, but again it was only a mirage. The pinnacle of my elementary school days is when I will UASBN, I was instructed to memorize 100 questions from a book UASBN, and I can not answer one of my mother's reader questions .. Guess what my mom to do? My mother threw a thick book that kemukaku, stupid scolded as a child. Not only was the sentence - a sentence of animals is also out of his mouth. But once again it has become a regular diet - day. This continued until I was sitting in a high school class. Perhaps the reader does not believe this, but readers can meet directly with me. "I want to live happily'' Happiness .... As if that sentence would never be real, the more I hope that happiness comes more happiness is gone away. As if life was never born to bahagia.Aku sometimes regretted why I had a mother who is very cruel to me, blows, until the meat looks pinch, slap and spit. I could never understand why my mother do this to me. I can only weep alone, amid the silence of the night, I always melamuni life. These tears have been exhausted when I think it's all my mother's actions. The culmination of all this is when I'm sitting in class two in high school, I feel this more and more unbearable. All of the turmoil to fight, all the flavors to be happiness, all flavors wanted to be loved. "Fall into negative way'' High school years to me is a very bleak period, not the most beautiful moment with a happy moment, I'm getting depressed at home, a house is not heaven for me, but hell for me. Thing in making me fall into a negative thing, I went into lingkarang devil, I am compelled to join one motorcycle gang in Bandung by my friend, I was forced to join because of my friends threatened to beat me if I did not join. With a heavy heart I went into the motorcycle gang, the reader may imagine the motorcycle gang is a gang of hoodlums are dangerous to be eradicated because it is just a useless waste of society. But the perception is wrong for me, because I get a motorcycle gang was a true friend, get a shade that made me uncomfortable, in which they all suffered a similar fate with me. We understand each other, we are one accord. I finally felt a moment of happiness in it, even if only for a moment I'm very happy and lucky to be part of it. Gang I have a bestcamp, it is home to me, because there are friends - friends who understand me, thinks there is, and never scolded me. Each after school I'd never come home, I would have to bestcamp hanging out with friends - friends, joking laughter, a convoy around the area of Bandung. I do not understand why the police always want to exterminate the motorcycle gang, but if you look a lot closer. They all have a noble heart, far more noble than the police themselves, because they all ... The motorcycle gang is considered garbage made me a spirit of community back to life, can make me smile again. They never bring myself to do the slightest negative thing, even the gang leader advised me to come home when I ran away from home. Told me to school when I was skipping school, so I think it ????? where is the negative Hopefully the police and the readers are not always bad because berfikiran motorcycle gang was not too bad, jikalah saw on TV a lot of motorcycle gang violence, they are all just actors - actors who claim to - amit a motorcycle gang member is not. Yes but all that does not change all the circumstances, all have passed. Now the motorcycle gang had not existed, and was banned by the police. One place I have lost shelter, and forced back lamenting the sadness at home. "True friends'' I'm now back home because my place to take shelter had been lost, the day the day I go through as usual, being scolded, beaten, made me stress. But it did not last long because I finally found a true friend. Me and friends - school friends got together and planned to make a group called''Brother'', this group later became the place for happiness that has been lost. Me and a friend - My friend finally decided to make the group, beginning with the principle of seeking friendship, seeking pleasure, sharing all the ups and downs. Bestcamp We have the chairman of the group home, Die, Die is an excellent person she was a child one House member. He is rich but not arrogant even very good, day - the day we spent with great pleasure we even form a''Sister''for women members. We also make clothes for our group with the line behind him a very unique section is: In a kingdom of cigarettes in LA There is a prince named Mild, In the third kidnapped soldier named, DJI, SAM, & SOE To a SALT WAREHOUSE Beaten until Bentoel BLUE Taken to hospital ARDATH Treated and injected pake DJARUM by Dr.SAMPOERNA Truly unique is not it? Everything is made by name - the name of Indonesia's leading cigarette, it makes us laugh every seen. Today is a day of school holidays, the awaited day - then by all school children, but not for me, I imagined a long and enjoyable vacation, but it was all a big mistake. I fight with my mom and I were expelled by the mother of the house, I went with a happy heart, because if I stayed home instead I will continue to be scolded and beaten, this is not a strange thing in chasing away from home for me, before even I was often on the drive from home just because of the problem - the problem was first expelled sepele.Ketika at that time I was still sitting dibangku first grade junior high school, I was thrown out because there was a school friend who nosy menelfon to the house and told me not to come to school, when I came and there was at school until over. I was expelled from the house at that time and I do not have space for a shelter I can only go without a goal, only the capital of the clothes worn and this self alone. I continued to walk aimlessly and did not feel was three hours walking and on wakut It was after 10 at night. I got a red light at an intersection in Bandung area near the highway. There I met up with the street buskers, artisans ask - ask. However they are not someone who is untouchable as peopl
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everything will be fine. may God bless you!