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@rhinarea (311)
May 21, 2010 9:11am CST
What would be the best food to eat while on diet?
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• Philippines
21 May 10
Hi rhinarea!! Hi there! I am currently on my diet burning fats that this summer brought to my body!. Yes, you cannot disagree with me that eating is a great fun but sometimes it will destroy your health. Before going on diet i searched articles and testimonials on proper diet and even asked my friend who transformed from fat to sexy. Okay furthermore, just a simple tips on how to do a proper diet. First, of course, you must include exercise on your daily basis after you woke up and before you sleep. You can do this method if you think your body can carry it . Secondly, talking about the foods, for me, i practiced fruits and vegetable therapy. For breakfast i eat bananas(potassium), apple, and grapes. I ate them because they are my favorites and they are healthy. For lunch, i usually eat, broiled vegetables with the contents of leaf vegetables, and other common vegetables. For dinner, i eat breads for carbohydrates and drink lowfat milk. You can interchanged the food you eat on dinner and lunch. Good Luck!
@rhinarea (311)
22 May 10
hello teito thanks for the tips i'm working on it thanks.
@cadguy08 (1224)
• Canada
21 May 10
Since I had my High blood pressure goes up to 150/115 I now eating a lot of veggie and fruits as substitute to my regular meal (rice and other spicy ,salty and fatty foods) You can start by that and cereal in the morning will reduce weight gradually but surely.