Just Who Is Running Or Ruining The Show?

May 21, 2010 9:47pm CST
It has been a depressing time in the financial markets and with the latest Greece debacle, the world's economy is taking another beating and aggravated further. The Greece debacle is the instrument to Europe's mess which is further complicating an already highly sensitive sore spot between the world's largest and world's fastest-growing economies. At the end of the day, all these consequences will be passed down to the average working population like domino tiles, where businesses will fail and people will loose their jobs and economic well being. I always have the impression that they are having the most qualified, renowned and gifted economy gurus in the office. But, the resulting downfalls, struggles and scrambles just set me thinking as to who and what they really are. What is happening? Did they have financial illiterates running the office?
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17 Jul 10
In Greece, as probably in most countries, we have many saviours. A certain number of them belong to that particular group, called "politicians". Whenever we have a new government, they attempt to prove by any means and at any cost, that the previous government omitted the worst possible mistakes. They try to prove their predecessors are the culprits for all the wrongdoings. They try to exterminate them politically. This was called exostracism in Ancient Greece and it's been a common sport in Greece throughout history. The majority of the Greek citizens, who are paying of course the bill, have had enough of it, happening every time there is change in government. They divise new instruments to manipulate people and exploit their honest daily fight for survival. Most of politicians have graduated from the same universities, having the same tutors, not only in Greece but in most countries I think. Besides, I believe most of those schools consider and call themselves breeding places for the new world leaders. Well, since they want to be leaders, they have to assume responsibility for their own failures. They give the directions and people follow. If they direct people to a wrong direction, people will follow. But then, they have to take up criticism, because it was their choice. Weren't they taught statistics and forecasting at their Faculties of Economics, Law, Business and Politics which they attended? Or was it all crap? It is not Greece which is in a weak position (like was the USA and other much more powerful countries in 2008-I might remind you the Obama public funding of almost $1 trillion dollars, and as a little quiz: who do you reckon is going to pay back for that money?), it's the politicians and the other kinds of useless rulers, who directed and keep directing the Greek people to deadly economic cliffs. As most people admit, it is not a secret, that the size of the Greek economy is many-many times lesser than that of, let's say, of any of the G7 countries. How is that possible for Greece to devastate the world economy? Don't you have the feeling that they are fooling us? Even in the EU alone, what about the massive, comparing to Greece, problems faced by Germany, just a couple of years ago? Giants such as the Lehman Brothers and the like, loaded the world economy with the astronomic debt of billions of dollars. Where did that money go? How will it be recovered (the $1 trillion dollar question)? Could it be that the case of Greece is just an aftereffect of the 2008 crisis, since it is generally admitted that the Greek economy follows the international economic trends, with a certain time difference? God help us!
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