A Musical Stroll Down Memory Lane...

@bigal3 (1231)
May 22, 2010 2:31am CST
Today I sort of changed my recently new routine of checking my email and then logging on to "myLot". Instead I decided to download some music for my collection. Being in a rather nostalgic mood I downloaded "OLDIES BUT GOODIES". The point of this discussion is has anyone out there ever noticed how old tunes can send you back in time better than a time machine? Some of the memories are happy ones while others take you to a sad space and time. It is funny how today's music hasn't the same effect. In fact some of it I wish had never been produced. How do feel myLotters? Some groups in particular like the "Dramatics,The Drifters Chilites,The Begees,The Delphonics etc.; Individual artists like Gene Pitney,Carol King, and to me one of the greatest of all time was "KAREN CARPENTER" The world has really missed her. I know I certainly do. How about you and what music do you miss?
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• United States
15 Jun 10
Carol King's music takes me back to Philly. I was born in Philadelphia but I moved when I was 8. Carol King, Carly Simon , Chicago, circa 1974 or so, The Doobie Brothers, and Paul McCartney with Wings take me back. Most pop songs and rock from the 80's takes me back to my teenage years. Def Leppard. Billy Idol, and Bon Jovi and many others. The 90's were about some good music but like you, the music of today doesn't do it for me.
@Dumar03 (43)
• United States
26 May 10
Likealot of poeple out there i find myself in a place where my taste in music can relate to someone else that is my age or close to it but on the other hand my taste in music alot of people that are my age or close to it think that i am nuts I like the new stuff but i also like the older 80;s freestyle but i can also find myself listening to bone thugs in harmony but also likin park limp bizkit steve b the temptations luda busta but i love the 80's hits the old break dancing hits like plant rock the lists can go on and on but that is what i like i dont know why when i was born it was at the end of that style of music am I the only one?
@bunnybon7 (43833)
• Holiday, Florida
23 May 10
gee kid you threw in that best response so fast! anyway, yes i love the old music that takes me back. and Carpenters were one of the best. my very favorite of way backs though is Little Richard. and he just keeps on keeping on thank god i got to see him in vegas a few years ago. but then i also love todays music. in fact my problem is i love almost all music. i have my picks but i like it all pretty much.
@nanayangel (7862)
• Philippines
22 May 10
Hi there Bigal! You're right. Just like how music makes me realize that I really am, getting old, since most of the music of my times are being played on "Backtracks" now, when I use to laugh at the clothes and hairstyles of the videos on that program, it also brings back lots of memories. Nostalgia hitting like Manny Pacquiao's punch. I really love The Carpenters. Their relaxed voice, catchy tunes, soothing music. They are one of my favorite music artists. I also miss lots of local ones such as Eraserheads, the original Rivermaya, and other bands.