single divorced parent marrying again

May 22, 2010 2:11pm CST
Do children whose parent is divorced and wants to marry again face psychological problems? How far do they accept this change, especially when they love the parents not staying with him/her?
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@maximax8 (31053)
• United Kingdom
5 Jun 10
I know a man and he was married for seven years. He has two daughters. He separated from his wife and got together with a girlfriend. The man got his girlfriend pregnant. His girlfriend is divorced and she has two daughters and a son. I think that his girlfriend's oldest daughter didn't like it when he moved in their house. She has got used to him now. I know that his oldest daughter has anxiety problems and eating difficulties. The parents separating or divorcing is hard enough and it must be upsetting for the kids if the divorced parent marries again. It is challenging to become a step parent. My marriage lasted for six years and then I got divorced. Years later I met a man and dated him. My son was 9 years old and his son was 7 years old. I thought if we had ever got married we would have been like a ready made family. I didn't find it easy to act as a step parent to my ex-boyfriend's son. I think if we had got married if would have been like a nightmare. I won't get married a second time. My oldest son wouldn't like to have a step father. I have now got a toddler son and a baby daughter as well. It is better for a divorced person with children to stay single.
@dloveli (4366)
• United States
23 May 10
This isnt the type of question where an answer can apply to all. I was a child of divorce and I didn't go through all of the problems other kids go thru. It depends on how it is handled. My parents weren't good together but they were great separately. They talked to me and my sisters. We were sad but they made sure we knew they loved us. They also NEVER talked bad about each other. I think it makes a great deal of difference how the adults in the situation handle it. When there are kids involved you have to be civil. There's no other way. dl