May 23, 2010 8:35am CST
how should be your girlfriend
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@besthope44 (12123)
• India
30 Aug 10
I have no expectations, but i got her as love and now she is my wife.
@firumon (501)
• India
23 May 10
Hello friend, Girl friend, Yes there are so many things to say, I have been single for almost six years. There were moments that I miss being in a relationship but there is more to life than being in one. You just have to keep yourself busy, be very productive, and also go out there and meet people. It's all about creating opportunities for yourself date occasionally so you won't be rusty. The photo seems that you are a teenager, so its correct time for you to be a part in that. My girlfriend should be more rich. Then only we can borrow from them, We won't need to return that till friends, they wont ask too, lol.. The girlfriend should be very much good behavior, this is very important thing i think. Thats normal thing, that fighting, then quarrel . But be sure that not make it long, there born some ego problems like why should I if he/she. This make the relation to break.. Anyway how should be yours? Thank you for giving a chance for me to respond to this discussion.. Please keep in contact. See you, Bye Take care.....