Books that you actually thought the film was better?

May 24, 2010 10:04am CST
I know this doesnt happen many often but have you ever read the book and thought that film was actually better. I just read " The reader" by bernhard schlink and it was ok although i foung the character hard to like, i think the film was able to bring the character much more to life. i would also say i prefered slumdog millionaire
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• Philippines
24 May 10
hello kiran, I actually haven't experience that,I actually do enjoy the book more...I have read & watch stories like...the bourne trilogy,the client,little princess,Lara croft...just to mention is true when you said that in movies they bring the character more o life,I agree to this but the book tells all the story/plot wherein the movies are quite missing.The latest I have read was the Twilight Saga,though book is really good...I love the movie is because I feel in love with the characters,LOL...
@marguicha (178509)
• Chile
3 May 11
I did not like very much the Harry Potter books that I read just to have something to talk about with my grandchildren. I understand though that they are childrenĀ“s books. But when I took them to see the movies, the special effectcs wre awesome and I loved every bit of the movies.
@silvercoin (2101)
• Lithuania
24 May 10
It happens sometimes.For example, the movie Once upon a time in America is much better than the book on which it's based, I mean The Hoods.Some of Stephen King's adaptations are better for me than the originals.One of them is Stand By Me.A walk to remember-another example of good adaptation.When I think about this story, I like the movie more.
@Aurone (4757)
• United States
24 May 10
Usually I enjoy the book more, especially the Reader which you mentioned. I thought the book was way more informative about the characters and gave me a reason to care about the story. The only movie that I actually enjoyed more than the book was probably Lord of the Rings. The books themselves are so descriptive that they are sometimes hard to read through, so the movies gave me an image of the storyline and I was able to finished reading through the novels as a result of watching the films. Otherwise, I think I prefer the book to the movie--the book is usually better and has more story and detail because usually you can't put everything in the book in the movie.
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• United States
25 May 10
I usually read the book first, and I've never liked a movie better than the book. I've liked some movies just as much as the book (like Lord of the Rings) or some movies in a different way than the book (like Howl's Moving Castle) but I've never thought the movie was straight up better than the book. But I also soundly believe that books are better than movies, and reading is better than watching.
• Germany
24 May 10
Lord of the Rings in my opinion because of the huge battles