May 24, 2010 11:57am CST
how much tv do u watch a day and what r ur fav shows and why?
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@walking2010 (1009)
• United States
25 May 10
I would say that i watch about 7hrs of tv my show that I love to watch will have to be army wive I just love how they pull together for one another. All the wives are going through something but it shows how they get through it. This show is based off of true life events of how it is in the army, And it showed that a father could stay home and be there for his baby girl while mommy went to go serve in iraq. I mean this show is warm and heart felt. I also like watching food network that is the best place to get new recipies especially if you love to cook. cooking is my thing and coming up with new food recipies. They show you many ways to do different dishes. I also love to watch Joyce Meyer, she will walk you through life as it comes she has a positive out look about anything that is going on in our everydday life. She is a pastor who leads you to the right path. I can go on and on about what I like to watch but I will leave the rest later.
• Philippines
24 May 10
I watch tv everyday. I never turn it off.
@med889 (5941)
24 May 10
I must admit that I rarely watch television and this is because I am in front of the laptop most of the day, however if ever I am in front of the television during dinner time when I sit with my whole family then we would be watching the news or a serial.
@common_man (1799)
• India
24 May 10
I watch one news for half an hour, business channel for half an hour and a comedy serial for half an hour. This is maximum that i can watch.Its not that i watch so much every day. But yes, news and business channel i watch on most of the days.
• Philippines
24 May 10
I am really not fond of watching tv, maybe an hour or two a day is more than enough for me. I'm too busy with my laptop though. I watch "showtime" (Philippines), because it was very entertaining!