Even helping too much is a disease....

May 25, 2010 3:20am CST
If you have a tendency to help someone without thinking of your own benefit.... it is considered as a disease. I don't know the exact psychological term for this but it is. These people are considered dangerous to themselves and society. I don't know how that can be...... A person who has a tendency to help other people is dangerous to them....
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@Bellapop (1279)
27 Jun 10
I have never thought of this in this way actually, are you sure that it's a disease? Do you mean it's a psychological or mental illness kind of thing? I think in severe cases where a person helps others unconditionally without reason, and does this constantly may have some kind of the problem mentally - in that, I mean, say, a person just does nothing else and just goes round helping people regardless of whatever, like, they think they're some kind of martyr or some saint sent from god down to help others and that it is their duty to do so and nothing else, this would probably highly indicate something wrong with the individual. When you mention that it could also be seen as being dangerous to society, I also get your point there, because if someone just suddenly turned up and was constantly helping you, I think the person being helped would start to worry after a while, personally, I would as well...it would be like, ok, thanks you've done me a few good favours, I'm very grateful and I'll try to help you the next time too, but then if you're still constantly helping me, and then seemingly not asking anything in return, I would start to get concerned, because then I know that you would possibly be after something but I just don't know yet...it just throws everything off balance when that person is constantly helping you and you don't know why. When some does something there is always going to be a reason, like from the goodness from their heart, being nice, lending a helping hand, it makes the helper feel good about themselves and it is fine when is just a one off, or being helped a few times. So back to the thing where if you see someone constantly helping others to the point where they are doing nothing else but this, and that they are also risking their well-being doing so and that this is not their job (like a paramedic, lifeguard, doctor etc.), it is possible as Harshro states that they have some mental or psychological disorder, thinking they're being sent from god or something.... I'm quite glad someone's brought this up actually. Harshro, thanks for this, but could you let me know of the medical term that is given if someone does know? Got my brain ticking on here today! :) xx
@savypat (20216)
• United States
25 May 10
Helping people can become a power game. If you help someone so much that they become dependent on you it is very easy for you to have total power over their lives. History is full of situations like this. In our country it happened to our native people, their land and their livelyhood was stolen, then the government stepped in and gave them land and supported them. Now the government has complete power over many of them, it's a terrible situation at this time. And very shamefull.
@ellie333 (21016)
25 May 10
Hi Harshrosicky, I guess that is what people mean by saying someone is a martyr. I like to help others but don't consider my self ill, but at the same time I get the balance right by doing things for myself also perhaps that mean when someone totally does for others and can't cope unless they are feeling needed by giving help to others. Huggles. Ellie :D
@daliaj (5674)
• India
25 May 10
I also think that too mcuh helping tendancy or trying to be too nice to everybody is a metal disease and it needs to be treated. I have a friend who never know to say 'NO' to anybody. She offers help to anybody she come across and never deny it when somebody asks for help. This behavior put her in trouble a lot of times, but she never learned from those incidents. There are lots of people who make advantage of her.