getting productive in my alone time

May 26, 2010 2:23am CST
so okay, i am home alone and i had set myself to do positive and productive things. aside from my work, i was able to take a longer shower, give my toes a pedicure and arrange and stash some stuff inside our room. i was also able to dust some surfaces and mop the floor twice. i also cleaned the bathroom. all these i did while servicing my clients through the internet and through the phone. this is nice. maybe i should do this once a month? i will send over my daughter to my parents overnight so that i could catch up on the things i need to do. and at least my daughter can spend time with her grandparents. hmmm...that is a nice plan. would you also do this?
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@med889 (5954)
26 May 10
When I am alone at home I also do stuffs like this, because I cannot rely on anyone else, so I start with the house, the bathroom, the kitchen, then with feed the dogs, and cat, then give food to the hens, rabbit, birds and fishes. I come in front of my laptop and start working so I am a multi task person. I do everything and keep a track too.
@greenace (124)
• Philippines
26 May 10
i would if i could but the problem is my parents are too old to be left with my children..aside from the fact that both of them have poor health mainly because of their old age, secondly because of a not so good living condition during the earlier stage of their married life, both have different groups to which they are actively participating with and i do not want to steal anymore of any precious moments that they might be having now that they have time for themselves..anyway, good for you it seems you have the best of both worlds.enjoy!