Bringing up children.

May 26, 2010 9:40am CST
The social ethics and culture that exist in different countries differ. These are also undergoing changes gradually but steadily. Family as an institution was once a sound foundation of the society. Ethicd, morality,social behavioural pattern ect used to be taught in the family and the children grew up imbibing the principles taught at home. In some countries laws were passed to treat children as grown ups and granting them rights of grown ups. Parents were deprived of the right to chastise their children in the course of their proper gooving. The children are taught to call police in case parents were misbehaving.The term misbehaving could include almost any behaviour that the child would not like. Thus the state came forward to save and liberate children from the control of their parents. Here a question arises; is the state more responsible for the welbeing of the children than their parents. Can state take the place of parents in bringing up children and play that role better than the parents? Parents are by nature prone to care for the welfare of their children. It is the paternal/maternal love fills the gap in the psychological needs of a child.It helps in the healthy developement of the personality of a child. A child needs love and care more than anything else at the tender age . Who can give it better? Obviously the parents. I would like to know more about the effects, the pros anc cons of the law and its consequences in the society after the law came in force from those living there.
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@DCLehnsherr (1041)
26 May 10
Hi Josejyothis, I have to agree with this that. The state these days has way too much involvement in the raising of children. I live in the UK and it is something I lament, the fact that children seem to have so many powers over other older people who should have powers over them. For example my mum and her family are currently being harassed by a group of about 5 8 year olds. She can't do anything about them because they have almost immunity so they can attack my mum's house and her children with no consequences. After months of this my step father decided to scare one of them. This kid was attacking the gas connector thing on the side of the house, and my step dad grabbed his clothes and moved him out of the garden. A couple of days later the police turn up on his doorstep telling my step dad the kid has filed charges against him. The police cautioned my step dad in the end, saying they didn't want to do it but they had to because the kid's parents were forcing the issue. Unhappy that my step dad was not in jail the kids went back and did the same again trying to get my step dad to react, and again they can do nothing to stop them. Things like that are caused because society, at least in the West, teaches children that they are oh so special, and oh so much better than adults. There is no respect now and violence is rampant. And it is not just because the State is held to be so responsible, but because some parents have just stopped caring. The parents of those kids don't care what they do. They only started caring when the police were seeing the case against my step dad. The parents told their kids to stay away to not do anything while the police were watching, nothing that could harm the case. As soon as it was over the parents just let their kids go back, and I dare say they encouraged them again. Gone are the days when people respected their elders and were brought up with old fashioned values of love and just providing for a family. There is too much of a basis on material wealth and having things these days. It is sad but unless things can be changed back around it will only get worse. Children need to be brought up by their parents, if they don't then all hell breaks loose, in my opinion anyway! Only parents can teach the value of respect and care, children not brought up by loving parents are left to fend for themselves and will always suffer for it, and as a result any children they have suffer and we get what we have now. All the best and this was a fascinating discussion, thanks for posting it. Shame there weren't more replies, I think it deserved it! Dranz
@Jotomy (6343)
• India
29 May 10
Hi josejyothis, parents knows how to brought up their children. Other than parents nobody know about their children well. If any law come in to force i think children may misuse it. We can take help of the police if our children going in a wrong track but not all the time. Then there is a chances of loosing love and affection.