Since having my daughter....

United States
May 26, 2010 9:56am CST
There are a lot of feelings I've experienced and DO experience since having had my daughter.... It ranges from awe to exasperation... I feel like nothing compares to the joy of play time and interaction with your baby girl, or the joy of nursing her and singing to her or watching her face light up when you ask if she wants a story... But there is much to be said also about doing it alone.... Recently my husband and I have separated which is a can of worms in itself because here almost an entire year later I still don't know if we're going our separate ways or if we're going to try to make it work... I won't go in to that. Anyway, when I experience new phases of parenting that are not quite so pleasant I feel exasperated and sometimes hopeless and lost and then of course renewed anger at my husband. Motherhood is a true joy in and out but I do not believe mothers were meant to do it alone... Aside from seeking counsel, which I plan to do, does anyone have any sure advice for what to do when I'm feeling these things instead of the happy flowery feelings of motherhood? A way to push these feelings away or get rid of them altogether? I am very good about exercising patience with her and not taking everything out on her since she's the innocent party in this situation but it makes me resent my husband even more and I don't want to continue to resent my husband as Jazlyn (my daughter) gets older because she'll catch on to that... But sometimes when it gets really hard my anger once again rises to the surface and I'll tell him about whatever it is that she's doing and I'll get even more angry if he seems to be blowing me off or downplaying it, OR WORSE, not believing that she'd really do that, ie: whining... Help?? I love my daughter more than anything or anyone else in this world and I would never give her up. I just need some good wholesome advice about what to do when doing it alone becomes too much.
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• Indonesia
28 May 10
I also have a daughter and a son. Even with my husband around, I still feel raising them alone. Cos you know, he works almost every day, and spend most of his freetime by relaxing, doing things that he likes. But If you're alone in this, just remember that you have family or friends that would be happy to help you. Sharing information and experience with your friends helps a lot, so you know you're not alone in this stressed situation. My parents helps me in raising my kids, and since they know what's best (more likely)you should learn from them. Child and husband is uncomparable. I simply chose my kids, if I have to. Love between men and women is short, but with your daughter, it'll lasting...