managing my brother's finances

May 26, 2010 10:07am CST
my brother is now working abroad and i am so happy for the break that he got. it is a big private corporation dealing with a prime commodity of people. so it is a stable company. although he is there on a short contract that is less than 2 years, he is earning quite a big salary. so he has opted to invest his money. he sends money for our parents' maintenance, but he also sends money to them for time deposit. and he sends some to me too for his investments in stocks and bonds. i think he is really making wise decisions here. i am very happy to be able to help him in managing his finances. i am very happy for the break that was given to my brother. and we can only thank God for what he is enjoying now. thank God! by the way, would you also do this to your brother or sister? would you be trustworthy enough?
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@rsa101 (34384)
• Philippines
27 May 10
Very wise decision for him. I think as early as he could he should be doing this for his future. I guess he has no family yet which means he could save further since he would not be minding saving for his own family.
• Philippines
26 May 10
For me I would definitely do it. Our family is quite close and we do not distinctly separate our assets from each other so they would trust me to take care of it. I usually invest in low-moderate risk and let's face it, the return is not that big and sometimes higher interest would require bigger amount of money. What I do is put in equal amount of money from myself and my siblings and invest it in those investments medium. We then divide the returns among ourselves. I wish your brother would do well with his job!:)