How to stay motivated doing our job?

@dpalais (130)
May 27, 2010 12:06am CST
I am employed two months. I am a new employee but I already feel that I am bored. I go to work just because it's my duty and I do my job because it's my responsibility. I want to motivate myself to be more productive. What can you suggest? I really need help...
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@jackryan (40)
• Philippines
27 May 10
try to pick up some side projects within your job description. Personally, this is my trick so I'm very rarely bored at my work. My last job I stayed for 5 years (only left because of salary), and at my current job I've been here for 3 years now. The key is to make it relevant to you and your job, and to make it interesting for you. For example, as a software engineer, my job sometimes becomes monotonous fixing bugs here and there. going to meetings. What I do is I start my own mini-project for the software I am assigned to. These mini projects range from little new features, or performance enhancements. Sometimes they're not software related, I've done stuff like documenting software that didn't have any. Look around, I'm sure you'll find one or two things to improve there. Good luck in finding your own mini-project :)
• China
27 May 10
I don't know what kind of job you are doing. Is it what you like to do? I mean we should pick up what we are interested in. You know everything you gonna feel boring sometimes. It is just depending on how you look it. I can see that you are a responsible person. I think you can focus on something regarding your job and try to learn as much as you can. You will enjoy it as long as you really into it.