Back to school tips

@rosey19 (951)
May 28, 2010 9:47pm CST
The long vacation for students will end up already and both parents and students are busy preparing for the next school time. for parents it is the time for budgeting their money for the school supplies of their kids. So to all parents or any individual who wish to share their budgeting tips in order to save money, time and effort are very much welcome. For me i already have two kids who will be going to school this year and i only have limited budget for them, what shall i do to make my money enough for the requirements needed? Any suggestions please? Thank you.
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@cicisnana (772)
• United States
3 Jun 10
My back to school funds are slowing way down. I only have 1 left in school. We'll shop at the consignment stores and yard sales all summer long and he'll have as nice of stuff as any of the other kids, maybe even more so... As far as supplies, I love our school system, for $5 a semester they supply EVERYTHING that they need, the paper, pens, crayons, just whatever is needed. I surely can't do it for that. I know parents who don't take advantage of this offer and I think it's just crazy!
@kaylachan (45679)
• Daytona Beach, Florida
29 May 10
First of all it depends on what grade your kids are going into. the younger the grade, the less that is required. But, if you are in the states, I would advise you to take full advantage of the tax-free holiday. It isn't for a couple of months yet, but that's where all the savings are. Even if you're not a student, you can get stuff at a discount such as clothes, and other everyday items. If you aren't, then look for things at a discount. thrift stores often sell very good clothing for half the cost of other name-brand stores. You can often find school supplies there such as pens, paper, book bags, etc there as well for next to nothing. Don't over buy before the start of the school year eaither. And, don't go out tomorrow and do all your back-to-school shopping eaither. If you have to pick up the odd thing during the school year, don't stress over it. Most parents do.