i want to buy new car..

May 29, 2010 10:56pm CST
where else we can get money to buy this such expensive things?? car is very important for me and of course for all of us because by a car, we can go anywhere we like..
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@cadguy08 (1224)
• Canada
30 May 10
If you buy your car suggestion don't buy American car such as Ford(the worst) GMC, Chrysler. Better buy Japanese car it's worth the money, dependable and sturdy engine. It is very important for us here in my place where you can use for outing, grocery, going to Dr.'s clinic. But in Third world they have this public transportation that is very cheap, and too many in the street but here there's buses but is limited trip so when you gonna go in any place you need really a car to make your travel fast.
• China
17 Aug 10
Yeah,most chinese choose the Japanese car,it really worth the money!However,after the affair of Toyata,I don't know whether it is safe?
@Jacobus1919 (1683)
• Philippines
30 May 10
WOW now that is expensive. Where are you from? If you are in Asia, the best brands you could buy for are Toyota, Kia, Nissan, Hyundai. Ow, I even heard a brand that is cheap Cherry. Saving for your own car is very commendable. But, it would be hard to save for it. But, never give up! When there is a will, there will always be away. If buying your own car is your dream, you should follow it and achieve it.
• Philippines
30 May 10
don't buy if that is the only money you have because it doesnt end there, you have to consider periodic maintenance for your engine & aircon, not to mention raise on fuel prices, yearly insurance, registrations and all..