How to care for a pregnant guinea pig?..

May 30, 2010 10:16am CST
I have three sows and two of them are pregnant..May I ask for some tips on how to make sure that their babies are born healthy?..Thanks..
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30 May 10
Hi I am a big guinea pig lover! I have 4 myself! First off leave them alone!!! That is number 1 priority, the guinea pigs need to feel safe alone. Make sure that you know around about when they are going to give birth, and around a week before, put lots of hay in, and plenty of food, get a small water bottle and put it lower than the other one (for the babies when they are born). Do not split the girls up, when one is pregnant if she gets into trouble during the labour, the otehrs will help out and pull the babies free and even look after them if the mummy isnt too well afterwards for a few minutes. All you can do is, a week before the babies are born, clean out the cage (you wont be able to for a few days after the babies are born), and make sure it is very warm, plenty of bedding and more food (just like humans pregnant piggies need more food!). Make sure they're in a quiet environment and nothing is going to scare them or freak them out, and on the night they are giving birth, do NOT under any circumstances interupt. Sometimes a piggy will kill her babies for no apparent reasoin, this is nature, and if they start t do this, leave them to it, I am afriad it is nature and you must let it run its course. Normally everything will be fine, and wihtin a few days of the birth you will be able to hold the babies. Make sure you read up on all of this though properly!!! Do not take any body but a professionals word on anything. Just make them comfortable basically!
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4 Jun 10
Hi stephbond89.. Thanks for the response.. Your advices are good..I'll keep them in mind..
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31 May 10
cant you take the ideas from some medical journal or if this is vet problem then use vet journal