Free travel and trade in Cuba, should it be allowed?

@Rysonia (310)
United States
May 31, 2010 2:30am CST
For years the United States has blockaded Cuba, refusing any trade or to allow United States Citizens to travel there. Whom precisely is being harmed by this? And does the United States Government really have the Constitutional Right to forbid its Citizens from traveling there should they so wish? Do you think that the restrictions are a good thing or a bad thing? Do you feel that the restrictions are legal or illegal according to the US Constitution? Has placing the restrictions on this Country ever proven or accomplished anything other then making the US look like a 5 year old that picked up its toys and went home to cry to Mommy?
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@marguicha (176940)
• Chile
1 Jun 10
It would take me all my life to understand why the United States has the need to decide what other countries should do. I have decided to pass, as I have done with many questions that don´t have any answer. Our country suffered years and years of dictatorship. The CIA helped get into power all the dictators in South Amrerica of that time. They were afraid of comunism so anything was fair. A whole generation of chileans felt an earthquake 100 times worse than the one that we had last February. People were killed, others went away. Later everyone put all the blame in Pinochet. But in many ways he was the US puppet, as in many other countries of the world. Just in case anyone thinks I´m not saying the truth, the CIA papers of the time can be seen now. Check it. Who knows how Castro would have been if he hadn´t had the US against him! It is also interesting that in the land of the free, the citizens don´t have the freedom to visit and have vacations in a country so close to them that the air fare from the US would be minimal. The island can be seen from the US some days.
@redhotpogo (4427)
• United States
31 May 10
In my personal opinion (I'm not totally educated on all the details of trade embargoes,etc with Cuba), all trade bans on Cuba should be lifted. I understand the Cuban government is corrupt, and has caused many problems for the world, especially on the behalf of the U.S. government, but placing a ban on trade hurts the Cuban people the most. The people should not be punished for the things that their government does.