the story of my life

June 3, 2010 7:20am CST
the reason for this discussion is to tell you all about my life and somehow hopefully it will make me feel a little better, anyways at the age of 8 i was being bullied very bad and started to develop depression at the age of 9 i lost my only best friend to pnumonia at the age of 11 it was the first time i tried killing myself at the age of 14 two of my friends killed themselves in a space of two weeks at the age of 15 i had a boyfriend that use to beat me and say horrible things to me ( lasted for 3 years ) every day i think about what life would be like if i wasnt here but fortunetly i have a wonderful new boyfriend that i have been with for a year and he supports me in soo many ways, i am so lucky to be with him. now i am 19 unable to work because of my depression and have some sort of social anxiety disorder, i am trying to get better by going to the doctors but sometimes i am way too scared because my social anxiety stops me from going anywhere. hope you guys can support me with this i need as much support as i can, and i am going to attempt to actually buy something myself rather than getting my boyfriend to, wish me luck! xxxxxxxx
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@syankee525 (6293)
• United States
3 Jun 10
first step knowing there are issues, and knowing what caused them. i have depression from alot of things in my pass and even now, i spent years on meds and now i am not any. i know i have to be strong each day, and each day is a battle for me. even today there are things makes me depress but not allowing them to take control of me is the key. having to build that attuide for life and things that makes us depress by saying ok it happen but it wont control me no more. i am told often i have an bad attuide, things that makes me depress i learned to say oh well screw it and laugh about some of them you will pull through this as long as you stay strong, look at the good things you have now and not the bad things that had happen to you in pass, but you take the bad things and make good out of them. how you teach others from them so you help others out how to deal and handle what they are going through. and it will make it easier. best of luck to you
3 Jun 10
hey thanks alot this made me feel a lot happier, best of luck on your journey aswell xxxxx
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3 Jun 10
glad it made you feel happier, but i do sit and talk with people and i use all the things happen to me to teach them. but if you are determain you will be alright.. and i am glad you got a real man for a boy friend too..
@Alan70pct (173)
• China
4 Jun 10
Cheer up!I want to say no matter how difficult ur life was,there are happy moments.We cannot choose what has already happened,however my friend,we can choose what to remember.Let unpleasant memories pass away,treat them as bad dreams.There always exists hope for life.Life will be lovely sooner or later. Good luck.